Note: This a demonstration of our Starter POWERSTATION Xpert-II product, for a demonstration of our full POWERSTATION product, please return to the main Downloads page!

This is a demo version, it does not contain the "POWERSTATION DESKTOP" which is used for NC-Code file: editing, DNC communications, system and machine (post) setup. All file Saving/Exporting is disabled, and the generated NC-Code is limited in precision to one place behind the decimal point.

The POWERSTATION  demo version saves files, allowing you to fully evaluate the software at your leisure. The files are stored in a special demo version only format. These files are not compatible with the full version of POWERSTATION. If, as part of your evaluation you need to load a file generated with a previous version of POWERSTATION, please email it to us. We will convert it and mail it back to you.

1) Download the POWERSTATION  XPERT-II demo file (XPERTDEMO.EXE - 24Meg) by Clicking Here.  Download the POWERSTATION Tutorial PDF file and print as many copies as you need.

2) Using the WINDOWS Explorer, double click on the file (XPERTDEMO.EXE). Generally this file will be in a folder called "download" under the folder where your internet service provider exists. Examples: "C:\My Documents\downloads" or "C:\America Online 6.0 \download" or "C:\CSERVE\DOWNLOAD".

3) Follow the setup wizard on the screen. As a rule, you can use all of the default answers.

4) From the [Start] Menu, select "Programs", 'MICROCIMM", then "POWERSTATION Tutorial". Select and printout the desired tutorial.

5) To start POWERSTATION, select "Programs", 'MICROCIMM", then "POWERSTATION DEMO".

6) For more information on the demo version, in the demo, select "Help", "Search for Help on", and type in "demo", then press the [Display] Button.