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Why do we NOT require information from you, before we process your demo request?
Because we trust you, and will NOT Bombard you with Phone Calls and Emails !!!

Powerstation PRO+ 2015 Full/Demo Setup Download*  psproplus2015setup.exe (02/15/18 - Version 10.106)

All Products 2015 Installation instructions Powerstation2015Installation.pdf  (11/16/16)

Powerstation 2015 Fact Sheet  Powerstation2015FactSheet.pdf (6/20/17)

Note: After downloading and installing, start POWERSTATION, and select "Help", "Contents", then select "Latest Additions" to see what has changed.

QUICK-LINK 2013 Setup Download* qlw2013setup.exe (02/15/18)

QUICK-LINK 2013 PRO Setup Download* qlw2013prosetup.exe (02/15/18)

Job-Station Setup Download* jobstationsetup.exe (12/18/17)

Download a Demo of POWERSTATION XPERT-II (Updated 11/18/09)

Download the POWERSTATION Tutorial PDF file (Updated 11/02/16)

Download the POWER-FAB Manual PDF file (Updated 11/16/16)

Download the POWERSTATION Literature PDF file (Updated 11/14/16)

Download a Demo of  WINGRAVER-PRO 2008 (Updated 12/29/10)

Download a Demo of QUICK-LINK 2013 (Updated 10/31/2013)

Download the  Zipped Help File for TRIG-MAN 2009 (Updated 03/09/10)

Download a Demo of CAMZ (16 Bit DOS Only)

*Note: This download will not function without a valid license file (POWERSTATION/Job-Station will run in demo mode).
To purchase a license file, please contact Glass House at SUPPORT@MICROCIMM.COM or (631) 361-4610


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Download POWERSTATION-2015 New Features Video (10/28/16)
Download POWERSTATION-2015 New Features Video (Low resolution for slow connections)  (10/28/16)
Download POWERSTATION-2015 Lathe Tutorial Video (12/13/16)
Download POWERSTATION-2015 Mill Tutorial Video (02/01/17)

Download the Power-Fab Tutorial (11/15/16)
Download the Job-Station Video (2/22/17)
Download the Chaining Problems Video (5/25/17)
Download the EZ Geometry Lathe Video (8/11/17)

Powerstation Xpert Training Videos

These videos apply mainly to the Xpert version of POWERSTATION.
In most cases, POWERSTATION 2015 will have better / easier methods to accomplish the same thing.

Download POWERSTATION XPERT-II Mill Training Video.
Download POWERSTATION XPERT-II Lathe Training Video
Download POWERSTATION XPERT-II Training Drawings PDF


    POWERSTATION 2002 Help File Update (Last Updated: 03/08/05)
    Common Control Patch from MICROSOFT
    POWERSTATION V5 Help File Update  (Last Updated: 09/10/01)
    POWERSTATION 2000 Help File Update  (Last Updated: 09/10/01)
    WINGRAVER-PRO 2000 Help File Update  (Last Updated: 11/27/00)
    WINGRAVER-PRO 2008 Help File Update  (Last Updated: 08/27/12)